Sunday, 15 September 2019

Multilingualism for a Sustainable Society: TPM in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

"Multilingualism  for a 
Sustainable Society" 
Transnational Project Meeting 
in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Multilingualism teachers in GaPa
In Garmisch-Partenkirchen, from September 3 to 6, 2019, we shared a very pleasant experience organized by Christiane, our German coordinator, at her institute.


Although we are from a different culture, what emerged from all the meetings held so far was that we can share more similarities in our way of working than differences. 
We did a great job to move forward with our project and we have high expectations for what we are going to face. They are going to be exciting moments. 
But it wasn't just working moments: we had a great time when we went for an excursion through amazing gorges.


Furthermore we we had a lot of fun when we went out to have lunch or dinner and we couldn't stop chatting, joking and laughing while we appreciated German cuisine as if we were friends of a lifetime. 


Now a new adventure is waiting for us in Lamego, Portugal, next November ...






del 3 al 6 de septiembre de 2019, compartimos una experiencia muy agradable organizada por Christiane, nuestra coordenadora alemana, en su instituto.

Aunque somos de una cultura diferente, lo que surgió de todas las reuniones celebradas hasta ahora fue que podemos compartir más similitudes en nuestra forma de trabajar que diferencias.
Hicimos un gran trabajo para seguir adelante con nuestro proyecto y tenemos grandes expectativas por lo que tenemos que enfrentarnos. Van a ser momentos emocionantes.
Pero no fueron solo momentos de trabajo, al decir la verdad, nos divertimos mucho, lo pasamos muy bien cuando salimos a almorzar o cenar. 
No podíamos dejar de charlar, bromear y de reírnos mientras apreciábamos la cocina alemana como si fuéramos los amigos de toda la vida.

Ahora nos espera una nueva aventura en Lamego, Portugal, el próximo noviembre ... 

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Meeting in Lund - Goals 9 and 11 focussing on Learner Autonomy

LTT LUND – Meeting in Lund to work for our ERASMUS + Project “Multilingualism for a Sustainable Society”, and specifically on the following 2 Goals:

Goal 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Goals 11 – Sustainable cities and Communities

Day 1, Pescara ... Lund: 31.03.2019

We met at the Bus Station in Pescara and after the usual last recommendations we left at 11.55 directed to Rom Fiumicino where we arrived punctually. 
We had lunch together in the airport “Leonardo Da Vinci” and we took our flight to Copenhagen where we landed at 19.35. We had a short dinner, ready to catch our train to Lund.In Lund we met Lina and we had a walk with her till our hotel. Our students were very happy to find their families waiting for them at the station and collecting them. A tiring and very intense day for all of us.

Day 2, 01.04.2019

After our breakfast in the hotel we met the Italian students and the whole Erasmus + Community in Spyken. We had a short break together, ready to take part in the regular language lessons. Every language teacher was together with the language student who presented their works on the goal, having an active part in the regular language lessons. It was very interesting! We had fun and learnt better our colleagues and students, even because of the very engaging ice-breaking activities the Swedish teacher team prepared for all of us. After this first part, we were officially welcome by the headmaster and the Spyken community with a final lunch together. In the afternoon we discussed our previous lessons and our future in small groups. After this intense afternoon we had lunch together at Restaurant Ishiri, where we spent a very pleasant evening.

Day 3, 02.04.2019

This was Celine’s day: both students and teachers were invited to attend Celine’s lecture and to reflect upon the open questions on “Autonomy in the Language Classroom”. After this very engaging part we took part in regular language lessons till the excursion. We all went to the very point fo Sweden, to the ancient village of Ystad where we admired the Ale stones and the wild nature around us. There we also had lunch in a typical small inn.
We documented these moments on the windy green cliffs of the region Scåne with a lot of pics. 
We talked and took a nap on the way back to Lund. After a short stop in the hotel we met for an Italian dinner at La Cucina. Pizza was really very good and conversation – as usual – even better!

Day 4, 03.04.2019

While students were busy filming around in the city of Lund, and focussing on the topic of city planning, teachers started planning their lessons on the goals 9 and 11 of the Agenda 2030. Every language group was very concentrated on finding ideas and materials. After this first productive part and a lunch break we had a very interesting seminar at the Center for Languages and Literature at Lund University. Actually we met there with university teachers and drank a coffee discussing on “How is the project progressing?”. Later on we were engaged in the seminar on “translanguaging and multilingual classroom” given by Marie Källkvist. After a stimulating discussion we went back to Spyken school. 

In the evening we met again at school to have dinner together, prepared by the Swedish students and
to experience a very rich and moving evening with live music, offered by a group of Swedish students who performed in a professional way: everybody was very happy to listen to and sing with them. With great expectation we watched the outcomes of the selfie tour and the films made by the students. They originally interpreted the set goals of sustainability making impressive videos and working hard as a team. The Swedish Team celebrated, in the end, the delivery of the certifications, given officially to every single national team. A very intense an joyful day!


Day 5, 04.04.2019

This was the day of the language lessons. Coordinators had before testing the lessons a meeting to better organize the coming staff meeting in Germany, scheduled for September 2019.
We tested the planned lessons after a last revision in the morning. 
Every language group offered the developed lesson to a mixed class of both Swedish students and international guests. Soon after the lesson all students were asked to evaluate them and to discuss what they liked and what they didn’t like. Students were very active, especially during this day, as they discussed, from their point of view, Autonomy in the Language Classroom, and teachers listened to them. They also tried to establish a systematic connection on E-Twinning platform, in the chat space dedicated to them. 
The afternoon was free from school activities, and we spent it strolling around and buying some souvenirs for our friends or parents. Then we prepared ourselves for the evening, which was very unique. We took the bus and reached our Swedish colleague Johanna, who prepared for us a Swedish/Spanish meal. We had a lot of fun all together at Johanna s talking about this week together and the memorable moments of the project. Thank you Johanna, we laughed a lot and had great dinner because it was a relaxing evening with a very nice Swedish family with the whole Multilingualist Group!

Day 6, 05.04.2019

On our last day in Lund we went to a very interesting museum, a very singular open-air one which collects all Swedish traditions with buildings reconstructed as they were originally. Visitors really enter into the Swedish Kulturen, the name of the museum, and life in the Swedish past. 
After this exciting visit it was time for us to leave: we said good bye to all national teams and to the Swedish, of course. Our students took leave from their Swedish hosts and from the whole group of German and Portuguese students.  A sad moment, as usual!
We had to catch the train to the airport, where we arrived on time for our flight to Rome. Before leaving we had a lunch break and we exchanged pics and memories. We arrived in Rome and, after another stop, we took the bus to Pescara, where we arrived in the late evening, full of our enriching and inspiring multilingualist experience…

Multilingualism for a Sustainable Society: TPM in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

"Multilingualism  for a  Sustainable Society"  Transnational Project Meeting  in Garmisch-Partenkirchen Multilingualis...